How Is Your Team Going To Get You There?

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Mark STOP Talking! I don’t want to hear another word out of you until I tell you otherwise. Go ahead Sarah tell me what is Mark’s Vision for this company. Terrified Sarah said, I’m sorry but I don’t really know.

Day One of our “ALL HANDS” strategic planning session and I am already thinking, “Wow Cameron Herald is a bull dog, my poor team isn’t going to survive this”.

However, by the end of the week I would eagerly say that was the best $55,000 I have ever spent!

It started when I met Cameron Herald (creator of the COO Alliance) and world-renowned speaker & coach who helped take 1800 Got Junk from almost going under to 100 million dollars in less than 5 years.

We were in a 7-figure mastermind together chatting one day and I asked, do you think you could help our team get to 8 figures. Cameron just looked at me and smiled a smile that said, “hold on tight because I’m taking you for a ride”.

A few months later I flew my entire team to Las Vegas all expenses covered for our very first “All Hands” strategic team training with Cameron Herald.

Now we covered a LOT of information that week. Including goals, strengths, weaknesses & even SOP’s (which I admittedly hate working on).

However, there was one item that stood out as the golden ticket from the training.

It was the Strategic Vision. He went through each team member asking them “What is Mark’s exact Vision for this company?”

Each team member wanting to help minimize the discomfort I was obviously going through as I squirmed in my seat, tried to offer something that resembled a great idea.

Then Cameron turns to me and says, “How the $#@% do you not have a strategic Vision mapped out & how in the world do you expect your team to get you there if they don’t know what it is??”

He was right. How in the world could I help guide a team of 12 individuals who lived remotely all over the world get us to the same place if they didn’t know where we were going?

It’s like giving everyone a car & saying ok I’m going to meet you in paradise, see you there!   The idea of paradise is different for each person. Even though I am giving them the tools to get there they need the end goal and a specific map to guide them. For some it’s a beach, others the mountains. Are we in Europe, America or Indonesia?

My team couldn’t get us to where I wanted to go until I showed them where we are going & gave them a very specific map to get there.   That was a huge lesson I learned.

How about you? How does your Strategic Vision look? Have you written it out? Have you shared it with your team? (Even if it’s a team of one!) J Just some food for thought.

The second most important thing for our business is our message. What is our message & how are we getting it out to the world!

At that point my team each stepped up and rocked it out of the Park!!

Oh that’s simple we run our One-Day Summits”.   Impressed, with a slight wink from Cameron & off to the races we were.

Reason being is a One-Day Summit is one of the most powerful tools we can use to get our message out to the world & build an engaged audience.

It solves a problem, builds a platform & connects with our audience. All of which are fundamental to building a successful business.

I have a FREE course called the “One-Day Summit Starter Course” here if you want to build out your own One-Day Summit & start building your audience.


I know I don’t have it all figured out, and that’s why I pay some of the top minds in the world (just like Cameron Herald) to come and give my team & I a kick in the pants every now and then.

The one thing I do know we have down is our messaging & how we get it out to the world. In doing so it has allowed me to build multiple successful companies in everything from the Brick & Mortar World, to the Online Education Space, & even in the Software As A Service industry.

Maybe you don’t have it all figured out either & that’s ok. Entrepreneurship is a journey.   I recommend starting with the following three areas!

  1. Solve A Problem
  2. Build A Platform
  3. Connect With Your Audience.

If you do that then you will have a successful company in no time. Maybe then you can have Cameron swing by your team & work on it like he did mine!

Until then get started with your One-Day Summit. I am certain it will help you reach your goals, get your message out & in the end change the world!

Remember it’s Scale Or Fail & the Choice Is YOURS!

Hustle Hard & Scale Big
Dr. Mark T Wade

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About Dr. Mark T Wade:
Dr. Mark T Wade having 2 doctorates went from a brick & mortar clinic to online multi-million dollar education business in the health space.   He has created a top rated podcast, a sold out mastermind for entrepreneurs featuring the likes of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes & Jeff Walker, & a one of a kind SAAS company called Virtual Summits Software.

With his brand Dr. Mark helps entrepreneurs scale their side hustles with a technique called the One-Day Summit Formula.  The same strategy he used to build that multi million-dollar business in the health space.  (Still a success today:  American Posture Institute).  It’s one of the top list building techniques available & it even works for beginners and brick & mortar businesses.

Dr. Mark has expert insights on going from side hustle to success, losing a million dollar business – the lessons learned, but his most popular message for most audiences come from the list building strategy that has helped thousands kick start, launch & grow their businesses (valid for any industry or niche).

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