You Are NOT One Funnel Away!

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If your plan to be successful is based off a catch phrase, I’m sorry but you are in for a very disappointing awakening. So let me be the first to tell you straight, you are NOT one funnel away!

Now before you go rallying the troops and grabbing your torches & pitchforks, just hear me out.

I’m not saying funnels are bad, I’m saying the religious devotion and naivety of believing that a funnel is what is going to make you successful is bad.

In reality it is the genius ploy of a very successful marketer to increase revenue to a company that sells none other than what… “Funnel Software”.

But instead of just going based on my opinion lets look at some factual realities.

The most common reason most of us go into entrepreneurship is freedom. That dream of waking up when we want, putting in a few hours of work, laying by the beach and just being our own boss.

Unfortunately that is not the reality.   According to a BMO Financial report, entrepreneurs work an average (meaning sometimes more) than 51 hours a week. With 20% working 60 hours a week.

That’s 20 hours per week more than a full time job, for a total of 80 hours more of work per month!!   Yikes.

So freedom maybe isn’t necessarily high up on the real side, but surely income is right? That’s probably the second most common reason we go into entrepreneurship.

Unfortunately, according to Levine & Rubinstein (2013) the self-employed person earns 16.5% less than their salaried counterparts.

Now hold on one hot second. You are telling me that I am going to work more, and make less??   Something seems fishy.

Ah, I know. I just need a funnel! That will solve everything.

According to the 2 Comma club there are approximately 270 recipients at the time of this article who have qualified for this coveted award.

That sounds pretty good right?? 270 self-made millionaires. Only problem is there are 175,072 people who have funnels.

That means less than a QUARTER of ONE percent (0.15%) actually get to where they hope to go from funnels.

Let me restate that another way. Out of hundreds of thousands of hard working entrepreneurs who are building funnels. Less than 1% of them actually make it to the coveted millionaire award.

Now before you pack up your computer and head back to the world of employment, let’s take a look from another viewpoint.

Instead of focusing on Funnels as the solution, let’s start to look at why we are doing this in the first place.

We want to change the world. We have a message. We know we can help people.

Instead of focusing on a “thing” like a funnel, lets start focusing on what our audience really cares about. “Getting Their Problem solved”.

Here is my suggestion from someone who has created multiple successful 6, 7 & multi-7 figure businesses both in the brick and mortar world as well as in the online, & SASS industries.

People want to connect with other people that care about them, can solve their problems, and treat them like real people & not a “lead” or “sale”.

So here is my solution to building your business & becoming successful.

1) Solve Problems

We have so many people focused on building funnels and trying to “convert” more people through tricky little tactics, and 3 Secrets that there is a growing disconnect & distrust amongst our audiences.

We need to focus first on solving their problems.

Think about it from your own personal perspective. When your Internet quits working, do you want the technician to come over and sell you on a newer more expensive product that you don’t really need? No. You want him to fix the thing.

Even better if one of your neighbors went out of their way to swing by and fix it for you, you’d be over the moon. You’d be indebted, happily to that neighbor.

Your audience is normal every day human beings with problems looking for solutions.

Be the person to solve those problems.

2) Build A Platform

Funnels are just a bunch of leaky buckets. Everyone is focused on “I’m just one funnel away” and if this funnel doesn’t work then I need to build another funnel.

It’s so not true. Funnels remove for the most part the humanity from our audiences and focuses on what is the best way to “convert” (or trick) them into doing what I want.

You need a platform. You need a message with a solution that attracts your audience and brings them to you. Your platform allows you to grow that relationship and in exchange value for money.

Without a platform you will never be able to build, grow & scale a successful company.

3) Connect With Your Audience

We need to over come the disconnect that is all around us. We need to create connection with our audience. We need to show them we care about them.

If we can do that I promise you they will become loyal and raving FRIENDS, not just fans. They will support you, brag about you, and purchase things from you because they trust you.

Focus on connecting with one, and that will turn into many.

The really amazing part is that there is a way to do all 3 at the same time.

I call it the “One-Day Summit Formula”.

This allows us to build a platform that will solve our audience’s problems and connect with them.

It is a one-day virtual workshop that focuses on solving a key problem that our audience is suffering from.

It can be done with additional speakers, influencers, experts to provide expert leverage and value.

It can also be done solo where you simply solve the problem in a series of short workshop style sessions over the course of one day.

These One-Day Summits have helped hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs just like you; build amazing communities of raving friends.   Those platforms have gone on to make hundreds of thousands, & even millions of dollars.

Very simply because it focuses on the above three factors. Solve a problem. Build A Platform. Connect With your audience.

The best part is the One-Day Summit can be created and initiated in less than 30 days by almost anyone.

I put together this One-Day Summit Starter guide for anyone interested building out their own One-Day Summit.

One-Day Summit Starter Guide

So now you have two choices.   You can:

  1. Continue To Chase The Mythical “I am One Funnel Away” dream.


  1. You can Solve a problem & build a platform by connecting with your audience.

The latter is my suggestion. It’s also what I used to build a Multi-Million Dollar business in the health space.

You have a message that the world needs to hear. You simply need to build a platform to get that message out.

Stop chasing funnels. Build a platform, tell your message and change the world!

Remember it’s Scale Or Fail & the Choice Is Yours.

Hustle Hard & Scale Big
Dr. Mark T Wade

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  • 2013 study by Levine and Rubinstein

About Dr. Mark T Wade:
Dr. Mark T Wade having 2 doctorates went from a brick & mortar clinic to online multi-million dollar education business in the health space.   He has created a top rated podcast, a sold out mastermind for entrepreneurs featuring the likes of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes & Jeff Walker, & a one of a kind SAAS company called Virtual Summits Software.

With his brand Dr. Mark helps entrepreneurs scale their side hustles with a technique called the One-Day Summit Formula.  The same strategy he used to build that multi million-dollar business in the health space.  (Still a success today:  American Posture Institute).  It’s one of the top list building techniques available & it even works for beginners and brick & mortar businesses.

Dr. Mark has expert insights on going from side hustle to success, losing a million dollar business – the lessons learned, but his most popular message for most audiences come from the list building strategy that has helped thousands kick start, launch & grow their businesses (valid for any industry or niche).

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