My Story Of Failure To Multi-Million Dollar Empire

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From Failure To Multi-Million Dollar Empire

I had an idea; a vision of what I thought was going to be a game changing new idea for an online business.

I thought I would jump in and people would come rushing in and begging to be apart of it.

I was positive I would be able to help millions of people and make a ton of money in the process.

So I decided to set out on the journey to build this new online business.

Now everyone thought I was crazy. My family was certain I was losing my mind.

My dad said, “You’ve spent years building up a successful practice, why are going to leave that to go sit behind a computer”.

Everyone I told my idea to just kind of laughed or brushed it off. That always hurt, but I used it as motivation to prove to them I knew what I was talking about.

Then I stepped into what would be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. I mean it was tough.

I had to figure out how build funnels, collect leads & generate sales. It was a nightmare.

I looked around seeing all the influencers crushing it, and honestly felt like I was at some kind of disadvantage.

I tried everything.

I still remember my first webinar. I was so excited. I put so much time and energy into creating that webinar. The PPT, the story, the content, and then I tried to get people to the webinar.

I showed up excited & ready to deliver the goods, with my new set up & microphone.

Then when I got there, it was crickets. It was so disheartening.

Then for moment I started to believe what everyone had told me. Why did I go to school to get two doctorates & build a successful clinic just to fail in online business?

Luckily I didn’t give up. I believed in the mission of what I was trying to do, even though I was struggling.

Then I heard on a podcast Pat Flynn was doing with Lewis Howes about a summit he had recently done and how successful it was.

So I said, one more chance. I am going to give it one more go and I set out to build my first virtual summit.

The problem was I didn’t really have any influence or connections yet in the online space.

All I could come up with was 9 speakers.

That was including my partner and myself.

I had already reached out to them so I decided to just go ahead and do the summit anyways, I would just make it one day versus 3 days as I had intended.

Little did I know at that moment I would be creating something that would eventually generate 10’s of thousands of leads & millions of dollars.

That One-Day Summit collected almost 4,000 leads and generated $32,000.

I can’t describe how great I felt that next week after the one-day summit had ended.

I finally had proved to myself that I wasn’t crazy. That I did have something that would help the world & that I could make money doing it.

It also inspired my first online certification, which generated over $100,000. And eventually created a multi-million dollar online business.

Of course my family now thinks my idea was the greatest thing ever.

Over the course of the next 2 years I found myself constantly going back to a One-Day Summit whenever I needed to stimulate new leads.

I also began to use it to prime any launch or new promotion I was going to be doing.

I even would create premium One-Day Summits to my current subscribers to generate a cash infusion at any given notice.

What I loved about it was that it was quick & easy.  It could be created in 30 days.

It allowed me to network with influencers who I wanted to connect with.

It dramatically increased my authority & influence in my niche.

It honestly was one of the foundations I used to build my business.

Then my friends, & affiliates started asking me how I ran my One-Day Summits, what software I used, my email campaigns & how I monetized them.

Before long I was teaching about it in masterminds & breakout sessions.

That’s when the One-Day Summit Formula was officially created.

It’s an online entrepreneurs PROVEN FORMULA to quickly grow your LIST, launch your PLATFORM & make more MONEY (even if you are just getting started).

I took all my knowledge on the One-Day Summit and condensed it down into a simple & easy to implement formula that any one in any industry or niche could use and implement.

I’ve now helped hundreds of entrepreneurs implement the One-Day Summit Formula and scale their businesses from it.

They’ve generated hundreds of thousands of leads from it & millions of dollars from this simple formula.

Many of them were brand new entrepreneurs just like I was when I first implemented that original summit.

Having spent years analyzing why & how it works, and seeing all the psychology behind the power of the One-Day Summit I can fully say I believe it is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies available.

It’s definitely one of the most versatile.

It’s my go to for all my businesses when I want to generate leads, profits, launch a new product or platform and when I am prepping to participate in an affiliate promotion.

It makes me happy to see so many other entrepreneurs who were struggling previously, implement the One-Day Summit Formula and finally get that winning edge.

I’ve been there & know that frustration. I know how it feels to have a message that the world needs to hear, but feel you can’t get it out to them.

The One-Day Summit gave me the success I’ve accumulated, and now I am happy to see it helping so many other entrepreneurs gain the success they deserve.

If you want to learn more about the One-Day Summit Formula and how you can implement it into your business you can my free Starter Guide & Checklist here.


No matter where you are in your online journey, remember your message is important. The world needs to hear it. There are people out there that need your help.

Don’t ever give up or let up. Keep Hustling & you will eventually SCALE your side hustle to an online empire.

You may need a little help, & I am happy to offer advice & guidance!

Remember It’s Scale Or Fail & The Choice Is Yours!

Hustle Hard & Scale Big
Dr. Mark T Wade




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About Dr. Mark T Wade:
Dr. Mark T Wade having 2 doctorates went from a brick & mortar clinic to online multi-million dollar education business in the health space.   He has created a top rated podcast, a sold out mastermind for entrepreneurs featuring the likes of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes & Jeff Walker, & a one of a kind SAAS company called Virtual Summits Software.

With his brand Dr. Mark helps entrepreneurs scale their side hustles with a technique called the One-Day Summit Formula.  The same strategy he used to build that multi million-dollar business in the health space.  (Still a success today:  American Posture Institute).  It’s one of the top list building techniques available & it even works for beginners and brick & mortar businesses.

Dr. Mark has expert insights on going from side hustle to success, losing a million dollar business – the lessons learned, but his most popular message for most audiences come from the list building strategy that has helped thousands kick start, launch & grow their businesses (valid for any industry or niche).

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