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The Short Version:

Hey I’m Mark.  I help Side Hustlers Scale their online businesses to Six, then Seven Figures using simple but fundamental strategies like the ‘One Day Summit Formula‘.  I’ve gone from a Brick & Mortar business to a multi-million dollar online business in the healthcare space.  I’ve failed more times than I’ve won, but each time I’ve learned some impressive knowledge.  I created Hustle & Scale as a way to help 5,000 Side Hustlers Scale to Six Figures.  I’m dedicated to making this happen.  If you are looking to scale then you are in the right place!

Why Me?

It’s not my journey it’s yours.  I’ve just already walked that path and seen the danger and success.  I have invested my time and energy into this path, and am 100% dedicated to helping others get to the same success.  I understand your pain, and your struggle.  I know how hard and lonely it can be, but it doesn’t have to be.  All you need is a vision & a strategy.  (Problem is that strategy can be hard to find). Which is why I created Hustle & Scale to give YOU that strategy.   Let’s chat on how we can scale your online business!

My Core Values:


The Journey!


The Full Story…

How War Can Build A Legacy:

When I was 20 I was pulled out of pre-med at the University Of Missouri, and sent to Iraq to fight in the war. This is when I realized my first life lesson. Being a young adult I naively believed the world and everyone in it revolved around me. When I first got to Iraq I received packages and letters everyday. Shortly there after the packages stopped, and the letters slowed. It was at this point that I took a hard look at life. I noticed that although I was missed everyone in my life had continued on as normal. They were all still living their lives just the same except I wasn’t in it.

This is when I realized that if I died tomorrow, the world would continue as normal, and I would eventually be forgotten. I hadn’t created anything that would live on without me. At that moment I vowed that if I made it home from war I would work day and night to build a legacy. I would create something bigger than myself that would live on after me. And from that moment I have worked with a crazy intensity to build something to help the world.


“I realized that if I died tomorrow, the world would continue as normal, and I would eventually be forgotten.”

Doctorate #1

Doctorate #1
Doctorate #2

Doctorates Don’t Equal Success:

This started with my first doctorate. I planned to help the world one patient at a time. This is when I learned my next life lesson. The world, and society tries to tell us what success looks like, and what we need to do to get it, but in reality most of it is just BS. Society said do well in school, get a good job then you will be happy, wealthy, successful, and make a difference.

That wasn’t true. It’s even more difficult if you follow the path society says to follow. And typically what we are told will make us happy is not truly what makes us happy. Definitely doesn’t instantly make you successful. I had done what by most standards equivocates success and I struggled for over a year. Constantly on the brink of failure. It wasn’t until I learned a massive lesson from the book “Good To Great” by Jim Collins that everything shifted.

Unique Expert Position:

I discovered my “Unique Expert Position” inside of my brick and mortar business. Instantly it all changed. Over the course of the next year I built one of the most successful posture correction clinics in the country, working with 5 professional sports teams, integrating programs in the public school system, and working with hundreds of small & corporate businesses.


Journey Into The Unknown

I still wasn’t helping as many people as I wanted to, and felt I was limited by the boundaries of my physical walls. I decided to take it online.   This is when I realized that again I was never taught how to truly be successful. There was no instructional playbook for online business. I had to teach myself a completely new skill set. After months of struggle feeling like I had such an important message, but being demoralized by not having anyone to actually hear it, that is when I finally got a break.

Summit of Success:

I created our first Virtual Summit, which cracked open, the door to success. It lead me to the next step of doing a $135,000 program launch, which quickly became $850,000 launches to finally crossing the multi-million dollar level. I began doing Virtual Summits several times a year. Virtual Summits had been so powerful not only for me but for many influencers and students, that I created the only software in the world designed specifically to host a virtual summit, called “Virtual Summits Software”.


“I created the only software in the world designed specifically to host a virtual summit, called “Virtual Summits Software”.”

The Success Of Failure:

My online journey was not easy, and in my opinion doesn’t truly start until what became the second biggest challenge I faced, the first being Iraq. That challenge is when I lost my Multi-million dollar business almost overnight, to a title wave of challenges and inefficiencies I had been too naïve to notice. I had built a business that could make money, but I hadn’t built a scalable business.

When it all came crashing down it was one of the most difficult moments in my life. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Realizing I couldn’t pay the bills, having to look my team in the eyes and tell them I had to let them go.   How embarrassed I felt when I had to call up friends and influencers to cancel commitments because I couldn’t afford them. And worst of all not being able to give my dad the 60th birthday I had planned and promised because I didn’t even have enough money to pay rent for the month.


“I had built a business that could make money, but I hadn’t built a scalable business.”


Phoenix Rising

It would have been easy to give up there, and to throw in the towel, to let it just die off and move onto something new. I chose to fight. I quickly went back to the basics, to what allowed me to build the business in the first place. I launched a Virtual Summit. Except this time I implemented the key foundations that were missing the first time. I call it the Hustle Funnel. That summit did well, but the Hustle Funnel did better. Within 60 days we made $206,687, the business was back up and thriving, and now remains an empire in its industry based on the key principles that allow a business to scale.

Hustle & Scale

With this failure and success many friends, or acquaintances started asking for advice on how they could do similar things. I started being asked to speak on podcasts, summits, and conferences. I quickly realized not only do I have first hand knowledge on how to scale a business; I also know the key business killers, and how to avoid them. I also started to realize I really enjoy helping people scale their businesses.

This is when Hustle & Scale was born. I set out on a mission to help 5,000 Side Hustlers Scale their business to Six Figures. Using my insights of the Hustle To Scale Blueprint and the Hustle Funnel Principles I am able to help Side Hustlers quickly get results in their business, which allows them to begin building their legacy just as I have done years before.


One-Day Summit Formula

Through these training sessions and my own continual growth I have unlocked one of the most powerful marketing tools known to man. That is the One Day Summit Formula. This unique combination of specific tactical strategy, combined with the power of a summit, yet refined to the perfect level of consumption, we are able to see businesses scale to massive levels in as little as 30 days.

If you are ready to scale your side hustle then join our mission! Get ready to Hustle Hard & Scale Big!

The Legacy Continues

More determined than ever to continue to build my legacy of helping Side Hustlers Scale their business with effective strategies like the One Day Summit, I am living every day as a gift. Looking forward to the next challenge and victory. If you are ready to scale your side hustle then join our mission and let’s get ready to Hustle Hard & Scale Big!


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