LIVE WORKSHOP: Scale Your Side Hustle

Our live workshop walks you through every step and verifies its set up for success so you can walk a way with a ready to ROCK successful virtual summit.


“Why spend Tens of Thousands having someone else run your summit and keep your profits, when you can build it and run it for pennies on the dollar and keep EVERYTHING?” – Mark T. Wade

Come with an idea, launch a Virtual Summit, scale your platform.

Nov 6th & 7th, 2018

Puerto Rico

Come with an idea, launch a Virtual Summit, scale your platform.

April 16th – 17th, 2019

Puerto Rico

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How long are you going to keep rebuilding the same side hustle? When are you going to finally get an effective game plan to scaling your business? You could be enjoying that lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of right now, but you first need to get to that next level. This is where our online courses and our Live Workshops come in. Let’s go scale that business together!

Welcome Reception

Monday Evening 

We are excited to welcome you to our little island with a drink and some snacks.  Network with the other workshop participants and get ready for an amazing week.  Working from paradise always infuses the inspiration.  Mark will give an official welcome and talk through the game plan for the following two days so you can be prepared to build a successful summit.


Day 1

Develop your summit strategy to have a successful Virtual Summit. Understand the purpose of a summit and how to make them laser focused to increase success. Introduction to how to build out your summit using the Virtual Summit Software.  Map out your summit specifics and align it for ultimate success in your Hustle Funnel.  A successful summit starts with a successful strategy.


Day 1

The special sauce of your summit.  We are going to look at how to effectively recruit speakers, sponsors, and affiliates.  Understand and implement the speaker recruitment strategy for a dramatically increased agreement rate.  Work through real world examples and see the strategy work in action.  Then begin the research process following specific, efficient, time effective strategies. Walk away with a huge chunk of the process already completed so you can immediately begin getting speakers, affiliates, & sponsors into your summit.  At the completion you will have your strategy, deliverables, and initial recruitment systems all created and ready to rock.


Day 1

No summit can succeed without an effective promotion strategy.  Understand from none to done how to implement a promotional campaign, when to start, what to include and where to launch it.  Build out your promotional calendars, and walk away with ready to implement promotions and affiliate deliverables.   Build out your specific External, Internal and Affiliate strategies to launching a successful and profitable Virtual Summit.  Know for certain that you will be able to get attendees in your summit and create profits.


Day 1

Without excitement or urgency there is no success.  See what is working and what to steer clear from.  Brainstorm directly with Mark and come up with new and cutting edge strategies to implement into your summit to guarantee success.  Work on your Go Live Strategy, while determining your Urgency Builders, and Excitement Deliverables.  Have it all mapped out and created when you walk away from this session.


Day 2

We don’t stop at the end of the summit.  We go ‘EVER-Summit’ ensuring our virtual summit never stops building our list, creating authority and generating profits.  Build out your ever-summit strategy, and implementation techniques to ensure your summit puts you on track to scale your side hustle.  See how to quickly pivot from your Live Summit strategy to the Ever-Summit Strategy and how to ensure it remains successful.

Build It Out

Day 2

Now that we have mapped out all the strategies, and pieced together many of the specifics, it’s time to build your summit.  During this session of the workshop you will piece it together, finalize any of the unfinished details, and get super certain in your ability to rock out a successful summit. Mark will review each attendees summit from top to bottom identifying any areas for improvement, ensuring that when you leave this workshop you have the best summit possible.


Day 2

The final session of the workshop is ensuring that you utilize your summit to the highest value.  In this session we get hyper specific on the transition from the first stage in your Hustle Funnel (Magnetize) to the second stage (Monetize) to put your hustle funnel, and summit strategy on path for success and monetization.  Giving you an unfair advantage over everyone else, and pushing your Side Hustle Towards a Scalable Six Figure business.  At this point you are ready to head home and push the “implement” button and watch your summit launch and your side hustle scale.

What’s my investment?

How much would 10,000 qualified, hot leads be worth to you? What if you could generate 5,000 new prospects in a week, the right way and have them ready to buy whatever you are selling? How quickly could you scale if you had a movement behind your message? What if you could finally go from a Side Hustle to a Six Figure Scaler? All of this is possible with a virtual summit. What if you could have that all done and ready to rock in just 2 days? You can. Now Sign Up For Your Live Workshop!

Summits For Side Hustlers

Live Workshop
2 Days

Scaler Accelerator

$3000 (Save $1,000)
Summits For Side Hustlers workshop
+ Scale Your Side Hustle 1 Day Intensive

After you attend the workshop, you’ll get access to the online course, packed full of videos, PDFs, and tools to grow your business.

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