Why Are You Doing This?

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Staring into the fire, as the yellow & orange flames danced in front of me almost like a pair of synchronized belly dancers, they began to hypnotize my thoughts.

As everything else faded out of my mind one singular piercing thought remained.

What is the point of doing all of this if you aren’t happy?

Now this is difficult for me to talk about as many would look at me and say, “You’re just ungrateful”.

You have a great life. You have success, wealth, love, & purpose.

They would be right, and that is why it’s hard for me to talk about this.   It’s hard to admit something that others don’t understand.

See for years I just kept my head down, working hard, and doing everything I could to build a successful company and leave a legacy.

And I did just that. I accumulated 2 Doctorate Degrees & some 50+ specialty certifications.

I spent 6 years building one of the most successful Posture Correction clinics in the country.

I then co founded a company that became the worlds largest professional resource for post-graduate online posture education.

I have helped thousands and thousands of professionals reach success.

I have been rewarded both emotionally & financially for these accomplishments.

However, when I finally pulled my head up from working, a decade had passed.

When I looked in that mirror at the face staring back at me I wasn’t happy.

I had dedicated my life to leaving a legacy and helping others. But what I had done in the process was neglected myself.

I stopped taking care of myself both physically & mentally.  

The larger the company grew the more removed from the close connections that happen with helping people I became.

My joy had started to dwindle, and truthfully my purpose had faded.

Now as I stared in that fire hearing a thought I had tried so hard to bury, it was unavoidable.

My typical response would be to double down on work, create a new project, open a new division or something else that would distract me by keeping me busy.

However I couldn’t ignore it this time. This time I decided I needed to listen to that voice.

I needed to take care of the neglected items both mentally and physically.

That’s what I did. I began a thousand mile (metaphorically) journey.

On this journey of self-love & care & rediscovery, I haven’t found all the answers to give you on what the outcome will be.

However I wanted to share with you a thought that I experienced some time ago that has me on a path of both leaving a legacy through my companies as well as recognizing the importance of self-love & self-care.

If you are in the “Hustle” right now. Be careful not to lose yourself in the process.

Build some time & action steps to love you, & take care of yourself.

Because in the end, even if you build the empire and no longer have need for financial worry, it will still follow you around and plague your mind & emotions unless you set up the necessary actions to combat it.

One of the best way to combat stress, self-destruction, & potential early mortality is through focused, determined, self-care.

When you love yourself, it opens you up to love those around you, & to love what you do!

I hope you find success, love & happiness, I hope you also find purpose along your journey!

Remember it’s Scale Or Fail & the Choice Is Yours.

Hustle Hard & Scale Big
Dr. Mark T Wade

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About Dr. Mark T Wade:
Dr. Mark T Wade having 2 doctorates went from a brick & mortar clinic to online multi-million dollar education business in the health space.   He has created a top rated podcast, a sold out mastermind for entrepreneurs featuring the likes of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes & Jeff Walker, & a one of a kind SAAS company called Virtual Summits Software.

With his brand HustleAndScale.com Dr. Mark helps entrepreneurs scale their side hustles with a technique called the One-Day Summit Formula.  The same strategy he used to build that multi million-dollar business in the health space.  (Still a success today:  American Posture Institute).  It’s one of the top list building techniques available & it even works for beginners and brick & mortar businesses.

Dr. Mark has expert insights on going from side hustle to success, losing a million dollar business – the lessons learned, but his most popular message for most audiences come from the list building strategy that has helped thousands kick start, launch & grow their businesses (valid for any industry or niche).

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