What wearing a kilt taught me about business:

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There was something strangely fulfilling the first time I was told “You Look Good In A Skirt”.   That’s when I realized the power of standing out in a crowd.

Now before you jump to conclusions, my rebuttal was “It’s Called A Kilt”.   Not exactly a skirt but none the less it felt good, almost freeing if you will.

I turned to my friend Michael Gelb, NY Times Best Selling Author and said, “She’s right we do look pretty good in these skirts”.

Snickering like a pair of junior High School children we opened the doors and walked into the gala. All eyes were on us! 

It felt even better. All of a sudden we had people running up to us, complimenting us, asking for photos.

I turned to Michael with a smile & he gave me a nod! Let the party begin!

Now what I learned that night, from wearing a skirt didn’t hit me right away. Most likely because I was caught up in all the endorphins of feeling good from the attention. Or maybe it was adrenaline from a bit of the nerves wondering what are people going to say when we walk in.

However shortly after is when I put two and two together. There were at least a hundred other people in the room. However we got the most attention.

It became obvious, we stood out. We were brave enough to overcome our ego, our fear of looking silly, and because of that we looked attractive to the crowd.

Not necessarily physically (although I would argue yes on that as well) 😉 but attractiveness from our personality & willingness to be different.

This holds true not only in day-to-day situations, but also just as true in your business.

Your potential clients are seeing hundreds if not thousands of options for people to work with. After a while everyone looks the same.

It’s those who STAND OUT who end up winning their attention. Now you can do this in many different ways, such as dressing up funny and getting a laugh.

I would recommend the best way is to stand out by providing your potential clients with something they aren’t use to getting very often.


They are constantly being pitched, and sold to, and tossed around as nothing more than a “lead”. That is NOT how you win “know-like-Trust” from your audience.

You do it by providing value to them, with answers to their problems, & giving them sincere attention.

And there is no better way to do this than a One-Day Summit.

This little formula provides the most incredible impact through giving away massive value & solving your audience’s problems. It gives them sincere attention without asking for anything in return.

It is the ultimate engaged audience builder & influence creator. I have used it in all of my businesses with massive success. I have watched hundred if not thousands of others do the exact same.

If you want to implement it in your business you can use this One-Day Summit Formula “Starter Guide” I created. (It’s free of course).

Just click it & I’ll shoot the information over to you via messenger!


Download the guide & the worksheets, and then map out your One-Day Summit. 30 days from now you will be well on your way building an engaged audience the RIGHT way.

By adding value, answers & sincere attention.   From there it’s simply Scaling the business to the next level.

In the end you don’t really need to wear a KILT to stand out, although it is entertaining.

Just focus on what we all want from the businesses we work with. We want them to care about us. We want them to recognize us. We want them to help us.

Do that, and before you know it your business will be humming along with amazingly happy clients!

Until then remember it’s Scale Or Fail & The Choice Is Yours!!


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Dr. Mark T Wade

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