The Most Powerful Strategy To Build A List & Make Money Online

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The Most Powerful Strategy To Build A List & Make Money Online

Most people think you need to have a big list to be a successful, profit generating online entrepreneur.

While having a list is important the size of the list is not the key component.

I’ve seen a lot of “influencers” with big lists of 100,000’s that generate less profits than some unknowns with lists of 5,000 or even 1,000.

Matter of fact my first $136,000 came from a list of 900 people. Even more so, I took 5th place (out of 150 of the top online influencers) in a $1.7 million dollar affiliate launch with a list of just over 1,000 subscribers. That generated me almost $50,000 in cash & bonuses.

So what’s the lesson to be learned here?  Two fold.

First and foremost it’s not about having a massive list.

The key factor is having a quality & engaged list.

How much Know-Like-Trust factor do you have with them? How on point is what you are sharing with them in alignment with what they actually want.

The more aligned this is, the more engaged they are & the more ability you have to generate large amounts of cash.

  • Disclaimer:  We only create income/profit/cash when we deliver massive value. It’s never a sales trick. It’s always about providing something amazing to those who want & need it!

Second lesson to be learned is about your strategy.

A solid strategy will produce you more results than any other thing you can possibly do.

Doesn’t matter the size of your team, your ad budget, or your list size. Matter of fact the better your strategy the less ALL of that is important.

Now I want you to walk away with from this with something implementable. So let’s talk strategy.

If you prefer a video of me walking through this strategy, along with my One-Day Starter Checklist & PDF you can click here & let me know where to send them! 

Ok, when it comes to strategy we need to think alignment.

Too many Hustle Heroes out there are doing so much, and none of it is aligned.

It starts by solving a singular problem.

Think of your ideal avatar, your perfect client or customer. What is their problem? What do they need help with?

Once you have that we need to align it through out their entire customer journey.

I call this the Hustle & Scale Framework.

Hustle & Scale Blueprint

We start with the: Magnetization Phase.

How are you going to attract them into your community & tribe?

I use a strategy called the One-Day Summit Formula.

This is an online entrepreneurs PROVEN FORMULA to quickly grow your list, launch your platform, & make more money (even if you are just getting started).

We create our One-Day Summit specifically around the problem our audience is suffering from. We can bring in speakers (or solve it yourself) to provide solutions to these problems.

We make it quick & easy showing them they can get the answers/solutions in less than a day!

This brings in engaged & quality leads into your community, taking them from cold lead to warm prospect.

Now we need to align that with Phase 2: The Monetization Phase

Staying in alignment with that same problem, we provide a solution in a step-by-step online digital course or info product.

This is now where we start to generate the income from these qualified leads & where we take them from warm prospect to hot customer.

They see continue to build know-like-trust with us through this process.

Moving into the Third Phase: Maximization Phase.

This is where we get to go deep & provide a transformation, turning the Hot Customer into A Raving Fan (Friend).

Here we move more into a High Ticket offer, & provide solutions around that original problem. Except here we expand into other areas, problems, or potential set backs our audience will have on their journey to this transformation we are providing.

Here is also where we will create an aspirational identity for our tribe to strive towards.

This being a major transformation allows us to charge a high-ticket price point, thus maximizing our profits through our audience’s customer journey.

Bringing us to Phase 4: Multiplication Phase

In this phase we provide our audience a community or tribe. We offer a membership opportunity. This is where we create our recurring revenue for our businesses.

If your business doesn’t have recurring revenue it one bad month away from failure. It doesn’t matter how much money you make unless you have recurring revenue.

We do this by giving ongoing success & solutions to our Raving Fans (Friends) in this community atmosphere.

In this phase we don’t need to have all the answers.

We simply need to provide our audience with access to those who have answers.

We identify 12 key areas where they will benefit from further success strategies or problem preventions.

Then find 12 experts that you bring into your community to solve these problems & provide these solutions.

The Hustle & Scale Framework is how you create a successful & scalable online business.

You can create many variations of this framework having multiple different paths. Or multiple variations that all starts in different paths but end in the same place.

The fundamental aspect to providing a successful customer journey is keep the problems & solutions aligned through out their journey.

The most important area of the entire framework is the first step. The Magnetization Phase.

I see far too frequently that Hustle Heroes & entrepreneurs are out there building lead magnets, webinars, and every other type of “bait” to try and build their list.

They focus on funnel after funnel.   They get what I call “Funnel Vision”, losing sight of what truly matters.

We need to first solve a problem. Then create a platform & finally connect with our audience.

The most powerful strategy available for doing this is the One-Day Summit Formula.

It can be done in less than 30 days. It solves a problem. It builds a quality, engaged list. It creates a platform & connects with your audience.

It can be create in almost every niche, industry & topic.   Once the interested people come into your One-Day Summit they leave it an engaged part of your community.

This sets up the rest of your Hustle & Scale Framework for success.

Stop trying to get 10,000 generic leads that don’t engage & aren’t interested. Focus on 1,000 truly engaged & qualified people who want the solution you are offering.

As mentioned in the beginning my first $136,000 came from a list of 900 engaged people.

One of my businesses generated $2.5 million dollars from a list of 17,000.

Last month participated in an affiliate promotion.

In 30 days I created a One-Day Summit specifically on the problem that the program I was affiliating for solved.

I brought in just over 1,000 leads, who were specifically interested in that solution & were now engaged with me from that One-Day Summit. (You can check out that One-Day Summit here: Expert Speaker Training Workshop)

Those 1,000+ leads allowed me to take 5th place out of 150 of the most influential online entrepreneurs.   It also generated me $50,000 in cash & bonuses.


This strategy works. It has allowed Dr. Krista Burns at the American Posture Institute to generate $30,000 in a day (with 4 emails) to a list of 3,000 people.

Michael Rosselin was able to generate over $50,000 from this same strategy.

Brand new entrepreneur Lisa Olszewski brought in 7,000 new leads & $12,000 (and she didn’t even have a website.)

If you want to learn more about this strategy & grab my One-Day Summit Checklist & Starter guide just let me know where to send it

I know you can get similar results; you just needed an effective strategy. I want to help you get that!

Because in the end of the day it’s Scale Or Fail & the Choice Is Yours!

Hustle Hard & Scale Big
Dr. Mark T Wade




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Dr. Mark T Wade having 2 doctorates went from a brick & mortar clinic to online multi-million dollar education business in the health space.   He has created a top rated podcast, a sold out mastermind for entrepreneurs featuring the likes of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes & Jeff Walker, & a one of a kind SAAS company called Virtual Summits Software.

With his brand Dr. Mark helps entrepreneurs scale their side hustles with a technique called the One-Day Summit Formula.  The same strategy he used to build that multi million-dollar business in the health space.  (Still a success today:  American Posture Institute).  It’s one of the top list building techniques available & it even works for beginners and brick & mortar businesses.

Dr. Mark has expert insights on going from side hustle to success, losing a million dollar business – the lessons learned, but his most popular message for most audiences come from the list building strategy that has helped thousands kick start, launch & grow their businesses (valid for any industry or niche).

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