One-Day Summit Starter Guide

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One-Day Summit Starter Guide:

Getting started with your One-Day Summit is an exciting time. This marks a monumental moment in your business. Once you see the power of a One-Day Summit your business will be changed forever. These will become your go-to strategy for quickly building your list, or launching a new product or platform or even just for making some more money. Getting started you need to first understand the following items.

What is your Unique Expert Position?

It’s a crucial aspect to know what you will position yourself as when building out your platform.   Many of you may already know what your UEP is. However if you don’t it is important to first take some time to decide on this before building out a platform in what could be a direction you ultimately don’t want to go. Once you have your Unique Expert Position then building on top of that, and everything after becomes much easier.

The best way to determine your Unique Expert Position is to decide what is the most specific area you want to niche down into. Pick a Topic such as Marketing. Then Divide that into Sub Topics such as Facebook Marketing or Google Ad Words, or Copy Writing. Then take it to another level and list out the Micro Topics that fall under that sub category. Such as Marketing -> Facebook Ads -> Chat Bots. The final part would be to determine your ultimate niche, which will be the Nano Category. This could be a particular industry, or a group of people you will serve.

Now that you have determined your Unique Expert Position we can move forward with the next step.

Who Is Your Avatar?

We can’t know our avatar without first knowing our Unique Expert Position. With that determined we can now zoom in on whom we will be serving. Get specific on the avatar or ideal client you will want to help. This is crucial in setting up our success in the next step.

What Is Their Problem?

With our specific avatar in mind we need to hone in on their top problems. This will create a magnetic effect in attracting the right people into our online communities. It will also be the specific topics that we build our One-Day Summits around. ODS have a much higher conversion rate when our topics & themes are on point with the problems our avatars are suffering from. They are looking for these answers and when we can provide them with a valuable solution to answering those problems our One Day Summits become one of the most valuable resources they can find. So determine the top pain points your avatars have and how you will be able to craft a One Day Summit around that issue.

When Will You Host The One-Day Summit?

The next important step in getting started with a One-Day Summit is determining when we want to go live. The magic of a ODS is that they are a powerful tool that can be created in a minimal amount of time. The most common time frames are 30 days & 60 Days. Of course you could set one for a longer period but often it does not require that much time.

Setting the 30 or 60-Day goal allows you to then map out your action plan. Sorting through the dates of when to have the different items created and how much time can be allocated for speaker recruitment and recording. Ideally you will set the date and work backwards. When will you start the promotions? When do you need to have the interviews completed? When will you need to finish the marketing materials? When will you need to complete speaker research?

When you know your time frame you can map out the exact due dates for each item required to set up your One-Day Summit.   After completing one, you will be a pro and have a knowledgeable rhythm on what time frame works best, and on when you want to have each item completed.

How Will You Host The One-Day Summit?

The final step in getting started with a One-Day Summit is determining how you will host it. This can either be a time intensive, or expensive process if done naively. Building out landing pages, sales pages, speaker pages, membership home pages, etc. can be time intensive or costly if outsourcing. However this gives you the most customization options. This should not be looked at as a deterrent as the outcome will far outweigh the work involved.

The simplest solution to hosting a One-Day Summit is using a done for you solution. The Virtual Summits Software ( is an ideal option that is very cost effective and requires no tech knowledge or skill. It can have your one-day summit up and ready to launch in less than 10 minutes. It also includes an amazing feature called the “Ever-Summit” Feature, which will re-run your One-Day Summit as if it were live on going automatically. This allows you to maintain the power of your summit forever with no additional work required on your part.

Determining how you will host your summit is an important step in getting started. Once you have decided what option you will use and planned out the timing of it then you have completed the Summit Starter Steps.

Run Your One-Day Summit

Now it’s time to take action and initiate your One-Day Summit. This is one of the most powerful strategies available to rapidly build your list, launch your platform & make more money.

If you are uncertain in your ability to create a One-Day Summit on your own look no further. You can get a step-by-step solution on how to set up and run every aspect of a One-Day Summit with the “ONE-DAY SUMMIT FORMULA”.

This is an Online Entrepreneurs PROVEN FORMULA to quickly build your list, launch your platform & make more money (even if you are just getting started).

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