How The Ultimate Sacrifice Motivated Me To Up My Game!

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Looking at the USA Flag draped over the coffin as it was gently placed in the transport, & hearing the honor guards commands echoing out with the flags raised was a somber moment as I exited my airplane.

It was a fallen soldier who had paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. I for one will not let that go in vain.

As I reflected, somewhat emotionally on the situation I asked my self, why would some one do that? Why would some one dedicate their life to a cause that they know very well could end up costing the ultimate sacrifice?

Then I remembered the Army Motto “This We’ll Defend”. As an ex military war veteran it came rushing back.

Duty. Honor. Courage. Freedom.

We care about these things; we respect these words. They are more than words.

Now, having been out of the armed forces (honorably) for almost a decade I started thinking why don’t we treat our businesses like this.

I mean in the military we care about our country. As entrepreneurs we care about our business.

I couldn’t get this thought out of my head. I just keep asking myself, “Do I care about my company the way a soldier cares about his country?” If not, then why am I doing it?

Your company/business is ultimately an extension of you. After a few hours pondering that question, I felt comfortable with my answer.

Yes I care about my company, but what I care about more & what I am dedicated more to is the mission my company lets me serve.

The people my company allows me to help & care for. It’s the “WHY” behind the company.   The why, of helping struggling entrepreneurs build their influence, grow their audience & get their message out to the world.

I am TIRED of seeing so many smart & good willed people failing because they can’t build their audience. It hurts me to see in someone’s eyes when they give up, or believe they “can’t” do it.

That is why I am dedicated to my mission & why I love my company the same way I love my country.

It’s also why I spend every day helping these entrepreneurs develop their first & most important skill set of building their platform with an engaged audience.

That is why everyday I am teaching someone about the One-Day Summit Formula. Showing them how they can quickly & effectively build an audience and scale their business.

Because the world needs them. The world needs YOU to get your message out. It needs you to be the CHANGE! And I am going to do everything I can to help you accomplish that, and build your platform

Your first step is to build out your One-Day Summit. You can do that here with this guide I put together for you.

It gives you everything you need to map out your One-Day Summit & start building your audience.


Because in the end, I know you love your company & your mission the same way I do. I know you want to make a difference.   So I am going to help you.

It took me a very somber moment to bring this reality back into perspective. To remember the deeper meaning behind WHY we are all doing this.

I made a promise to that soldier that his sacrifice would not go unnoticed. That I would remember him, and honor him the only way I can, which is to show up & give my ALL to those who need me.

I hope you will take this message from me, and use it as motivation to up your game & give more today than you have before! Go serve & help your community.

Together we will continue to make our country great!

Remember it’s Scale Or Fail & the Choice Is YOURS!

Hustle Hard & Scale Big
Dr. Mark T Wade

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