Entrepreneurs Are Crazy!

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I walked up to the edge looking down 17,000 feet above water level and thought to myself, “jump or not jump”? 2 seconds later I was plunging 123 mph to certain death.

That’s when it hit me; Entrepreneurship is like jumping out of a plane everyday at full free fall plunging towards the earth.

Entrepreneurs, we are a different breed of human I am certain of it. We have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We work harder than any one else on the planet simply so we don’t have to be lazy for someone else.

We take criticism, scrutiny; doubt as normal every day part of running the business.

We risk it all for a chance at having something no one else will ever understand.

I can’t tell you how many times I laid awake at night unable to fall asleep, fighting tears because I thought it was all going to collapse.

I have also seen sights most will never see, tasted foods made by world renowned chefs, slept in penthouses on the 100th floor, driven $100,000 cars, and flown on private jets.

Even now trying to explain that Hustle & Scale emotion, that rushing drive that flows through our veins it’s just impossible.

If you are reading this, then most likely you are on this same journey, or contemplating the journey. And to that I say, “JUMP”.

It will be the scariest, most exciting, terrifying, happiest, miserable, rewarding, draining, beautiful thing you ever do.

There is no guarantee that the parachute is going to open. (It should if you set yourself up for success).

When it does though, that ride that rush is something that only those of us who have done it can ever know.

But before you jump, make sure you ensure your chute is going to open. (Meaning set yourself up for entrepreneurial success).

Here is 4 “Safety” Tips for jumping out of the Entrepreneurial “Airplane”:

1) Know Your Unique Expert Position
2) Niche Down
3) Build A Quality List
4) Provide them with AMAZING value.

Most likely you got the first two already nailed. The fourth one will come soon enough. The most difficult one, that trips up most entrepreneurs is number 3!

Building A Quality List!! (Note I said quality, NOT big!!).

I made my first $136,473 with a list of 900 quality fans. I made over $2 million last year with a list of 13,497.

I did that by running One-Day Summits. It’s the MOST powerful list building strategy PERIOD!

It’s an Online Entrepreneurs PROVEN FORMULA to quickly grow your list, launch your platform & make more money (even if you are JUST getting started).

I put together a simple One Day Summit Starter guide with my ODS Worksheet. You are welcome to have it. Just click the link below.


Because this world needs more CRAZY ENTREPRENEURS just like you & I want to ensure your chute opens when you make that leap. So feel free to use the strategy that has helped me build a multi-million dollar business in the health field.

Remember, it’s Scale Or Fail & The Choice Is Yours!

Hustle Hard & Scale Big
Dr. Mark T Wade
Chief Scaling Officer

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